Our Projects

Our company has done jobs for countless different companies, homes, schools, churches, etc. Our Duro-Last system is perfect for every building, and we're the company to do it for you. While we can continue to tell you how great this system is, how effective it is at protecting you and your building, and how much money it will save you, you can also see it's credibility from previous projects. Please, click on a section below to learn more!


Our company has done work for countless schools all over the Midwest. Our roofing solutions are perfect for the large facilities that customers have, keeping their students safe and their supplies sheltered. With our premium warranty, the roof will be the last thing that your organization will need to worry about, allowing you to spend money on what matters.


Commercial settings are perfect for Duro-Last. Our system is installed over previous roof installations, is energy efficient, and can come in a variety of prints and patterns. Being energy efficient, your company can save money while being protected by the best roofing system out there, under the best warranties in the business.


Industrial Institutions are perfect for Duro-Last. With custom printing and it's ability to save your company money on heating bills will make it worth more than just protecting your work. Duro-Last's custom fabricated parts are mostly made off-site, meaning your new roof can be installed in no time, without stopping your business to let us work.


Duro-Last is the perfect roofing system for religious institutions. Keeping your members safe is our priority too, and we feel confident that Duro-Last is the product for you. With it's easy installation, services don't need to stop while we do our work, as Duro-Last can be applied over a current roof. We want to make sure your needs are addressed, and your institution has a roof that will last.