Re-Roofing Your Building

Installation Over Metal Roofs

Our Duro-Last roofing system can install over any metal roof installation. It is quick and simple, with no tear down required. The Duro-Last coverage will provide an unbeatable water barrier that not only keeps your building safe, but also cuts down on energy costs. Unlike traditional metal roofing that changes temperature easily, costing your company money to heat and cool your working environment, Duro-Last reflects the sun and acts as an insulator, keeping your workplace just the temperature you want.

Rubber Reroofs

Have a rubber roof that isn't working for you? Our Duro-Last roof applies directly to the surface of your current roof, while still providing the premium coverage that Duro-Last is known for. Installation is easy, and we know you will be satisfied. We custom-fabricate many of the joints and facets for your new roof in our climate controlled facility, making sure every part of your new roof will be perfectly made just for your building.

View Our Projects

Our company has compiled many photos from the jobs that we have completed. While we can continue to talk about how great our work is, we rather have you look at photographic proof of our premium installations.