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We only provide and sell products that we trust. That's why our customer has been installing Duro-Last for the last 26 years, giving us a great background that no other company in the industry has. We've achieved the status of Master Roofer through Duro-Last, and will exceed all of your expectations.

The Best Warranty Available

Not only will your new installation be done with the highest quality product, it will also have the best warranty in the industry behind it. With a standard 15-year No Dollar Limit (NDL) warranty on all of our installations, and with extended options for 20 years available, you can keep peace of mind knowing that this installation will hold it's own for years to come. We want your roof to be the last of your worries, and we will make sure everything is covered for you.


Over time, a roof will start to have problems. With our team of roofing professionals, we will get your roof back to perfect condition in no time at all. We do repairs on Duro-Last installations, as well as steel roof installations. Please contact us to discuss your situation, we know that you'll be satisfied with our premium workmanship.


Our Duro-Last roofing system is the right system for you. It installs over any metal roof, cutting the installation time down and saving you money. The Duro-Last installation is also prefabricated to your roof installation, meaning that a tear-down is not required, and that your new roof will be a perfect fit, keeping out dirt and water for years to come. Duro-Last's insulating properties also cut down on your energy expenses, which will save you money as well!

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Badgerland Roofing is one of the most awarded roofing contractors in the Midwest. Our company puts the customer first, as well as delivering premium work quality that can't be beat.

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