Why Pick Us?

We know the importance of picking the right roofer for the job. We know that you'll appreciate our business practices, and find us as the best company for the job.

  • Our customer is our most important asset. The relationships we have established have grown stronger through the years, giving us a portfolio of over 1800 Duro-Last jobs and glowing references that continue to grow and build our business. We listen to the customer along the way, and make sure they are satisfied with everything we do.
  • Safety is our top priority. Each of our jobs has a project manager, a foreman, a full-time superintendent, and a safety manager who visits the jobsite daily. This trained supervision insures the quality of our roofs. The more eyes on a project, the better. In addition, Duro-Last does a final inspection before issuing the warranty. Whether large or small, each job is treated with the same care and attention to detail.
  • Highest quality products. With Duro-Last, our customers will never need to worry about faulty products or improper installation. Backed by a 20 year warranty and a professional inspection from a durolast representative before the job is done, customers can sleep easy knowing their roof is there to last.
  • Most experience in the industry. We employ a well trained OSHA certified crew and have safety programs and equipment in place. For those knowledgable with Workers Comp Insurance, we have an experience mod of .77, which is very difficult to achieve in the roofing industry. With a strong staff of experienced roofer's estimators with over 150 years of experience, we will ensure the highest standard of quality and professionalism to our customers.